Open velcro and remove foams. Foam inserts are not machine washable. (See below for foam care.) The velcro opening is usually located along the top front edge of pad. Sometimes it is located along the top spine edge of pad.  Close velcro after removing foam. Close any open velcro such as girth straps to prevent  the velcro from snagging  on any other materials. All Velcro must be closed and secure so it doesn't flop around in the washer.

To Clean Foam Inserts


Washing Instructions

Skito Saddle Pads Skito Equalizer Saddle Pad


To care for the foam inserts, rinse them in a solutions of  1 cup white vinegar to 5 gallons  of lukewarm water. The vinegar will dissolve the residual salt in the foams left from the sweat from your animal. We suggest that you put the inserts, vinegar and water in your bathtub and walk on them with bare feet.  This will compress and release the foam to work the solution into the open-cells. Drain the tub and rinse the inserts with clean water.  Repeat as needed.  Never wring or twist the foam as it will tear. Never use soap or bleach.

For laminated foams put clean foam on several towels and cover the foams with several more towels. Then step on  the whole bundle several times to remove as much moisture as possible.
For non-laminated foams roll clean foams in a towel jelly-roll style, then step on the roll to remove excess water. Finally lay the foams flat on clean towel  to completely air dry away from direct sunlight.

Reinsert foam into your cover and you are good for many more riding miles.


Place the pad cover by itself in your washer and wash on the gentle cycle in COLD WATER ONLY! Hot water will cause the wool to shrink and will damage your pad. Use only a cap full of a very mild detergent. Do not use bleach or woolite and be sure to double rinse to get all the soap out.

Remove the pad cover from the washer and dry on a flat surface.  DO NOT DRY IN THE DRYER. AIR DRY ONLY.  Once again drying your pad in the dryer will cause your pad to shrink.

When your pad is completely dry open the Velcro closures and insert your foams then close the Velcro again.