SKITO Equalizer saddle pads are built to suit your specific saddle fitting needs.  Foam density is a key in regards to comfort, support and durability.  We offer two types of density, Medium Firm is one for our Light to Mid weight riders and Firm is one for our Heavy weight riders, other factors my include; region, animals back condition, riding discipline. 

Skito has a new home in Wisconsin with the Cotton-Suskey family!

We are thrilled to introduce ourselves as the new owners of Skito Saddle Pads.  Our family members are long-time devotees of Skito products, and we appreciate and understand the quality of workmanship and exceptional customer service that has come to define Skito Saddle Pads.  We are dedicated and passionate about continuing that legacy and we are so excited by this opportunity!

A little about us: our family has been participating in endurance riding since 2003.  While it has largely been a recreational pastime for us, our daughter Ainsley had the honor of riding for the US Young Rider Team at the Young Rider World Endurance Championships in Verona, Italy, in 2017.  While horses have been a focus of our personal lives, we do have professional experience that will benefit Skito. Bill has made a career of project management and systems development in retail and restaurants.  Pam is the Director of a boys’ residential treatment center and many years of leadership experience in the areas of child welfare, foster care, and adoption. Ainsley just finished high school and is headed to college, and has spent the past couple of years not only taking the lead on preparing our horses for endurance, but she also takes in green horses that need miles and wet saddle pads.  We live in Iola, Wisconsin, which is a charming small town in central Wisconsin full of artisans, craftspeople, and other skilled tradespeople. Sewing is not a lost art/skill in this area!

Many long hours riding on the trails and roadsides conditioning horses will truly test a horse owner’s equipment and Skito quickly became our horses’ favorite saddle pads!  The freedom of movement, distribution of the rider’s weight and effective dissipation of heat are all apparent the first time you ride one. In fact, our love of Skito began when our BLM mustang couldn’t be ridden in any competitor brand that we owned due to overheating of his back, singed hair and really apparent discomfort.  To go from being unable to trot down the trail due to itching and overheating, to him willingly moving out even in the Midwest’s summertime unbearable heat and humidity, was a gift to him and our family. We’re forever grateful to Tom for having the vision and expertise to create and continually improve his product line. To ride in a S kito Saddle Pad is to know Tom Clark and experience his legacy of amazing work in the interest of equine performance and wellness.

Bill and Ainsley had the pleasure of traveling to Tom’s workplace in Priest River, Idaho, to meet and be mentored by his talented staff and spend time sorting through his life’s work with his two daughters.  It is an absolute honor to be a part of the emotional and meaningful process of transitioning his vision and work to carry on in the future.

We will be working diligently to relocate the business to central Wisconsin, connect with those of you who are awaiting orders, and fabricate saddle pads using Tom’s proven quality techniques and standards.  We expect that we will be able to resume production of saddle pads in early July. We will keep the website up to date with current inventory and our travel plans where you can try and buy a Skito Saddle Pad and enjoy a strong cup of coffee with us.  We look forward to serving you!

Bill, Pam and Ainsley

Dryback is an Equalizer Saddle Pad by SKITO that is constructed to release heat and moisture from the large back muscle to the atmosphere.  Air flows between the saddle and saddle pad thanks to the addition of the 3M Nomad matting to the top of the saddle pad.